Don Feely Photography | What's in my Bag- Apex, NC Town Council Members Shoot

What's in my Bag- Apex, NC Town Council Members Shoot

February 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It has been some time since I posted on my blog, but today, Tuesday, February 20th is the day I captures headshot images for the town council members of one of my favorite NC towns and where I sometimes perform my regular jobs responsibilities in my favorite coffee shop, The Common Ground in downtown Apex, NC.


I received a call from a wonderful lady several weeks back that introduced herself as Ms. Donna Hosch, Apex Town Clerk.   Her question to me as I understand you are a photographer and the Town Council members are looking for a photographer to capture headshot images of the eight council members and Apex Mayor Lance Olive.   Wow, I thought for a split second, this is an opportunity for me to captures images of the Town Council Member of one of my favorite NC Towns and the location of my remote office.    By the way, the Major and I have a smartphone selfie captured in front of The Common Ground coffee shop.   I said to myself, self it pays to know and meet good people and treat people with honesty and respect.


Well, back to the phone call.  I advised Ms. Hosch that I can provide my photography service for the Apex Town Council member and would gladly send her a quote for the service.   I also mentioned that I was currently in Apex at my remote office and she said I think you really like Apex and my response was, I really do.  A thought ran through my head about the selfie with Mayor Lance Olive.  He just might be the person that asked her to reach out to me.   If so, thank you so much, Mayor Olive.


So to bring this blog post to closure, Apex Town Council members have accepted my quote and I am really to provide one of my favorite NC Towns the best service I can possibly provide.


The Main Gear for the shoot:

Nikon D750, Sigma 70-200mm, Nikkor 50 & 24-120mm
Savage - Gray collapsible backdrop
Flashpoint Streaklight 360 Strobe & Flashpoint Speedlight
Flashpoint R2 Trigger
Wescott XL Octabox & Umbrellas to use for the group capture
Tri-flect reflector to fill in those shadows
Tethering gear to include laptop with Lightroom CC
Multiple stands to include my strong and might C-Stand (The Beast)
Spare fully charged batteries.

And my collapsible Red Wagon to carry more of the gear.   

I've prepared and now I'm ready to perform and provide a service. 











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