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July 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sunday was a blessed day along with every day that I wake up.   I say this because if I can wake up, that means I still have a purpose to be here.   My beautiful day started off by attending church service at Poplar Springs Christian Chuch with my love wife Sherry Feely and good friends Rene and Gail Daughtry.  Following service, we decided to have brunch at buku Raleigh restaurant.   The food was delicious and the conversation was rewarding.   There's nothing like a nice brunch and then a brief stroll around the city and stopping in your favorite spot to get a cup of "Crack Coffee" at Raleigh Raw Bar.  This coffee is so delicious.

My day was not complete yet because I had on my calendar a photoshoot with Ms. Chanta Green and her lovely daughter, Lailah.   The location of the shoot took place at a Rose Garden in Raleigh.    Once again, this was rewarding for me because the photo shoot was amazing and I hope Chanta is really enjoying and sharing the image we created.   The shoot was mainly a natural light shoot, but I cheated and used m Speedlight flash several times.  Never the less is was still awesome.  




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