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June 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

While strolling with streets of downtown Raleigh with my wife and Nikon DSLR in hand I ran across this gentlemen that ask for a couple of dollars to get him something to eat.  My wife insisted that we buy him a pizza, but he wasn't going for the food purchase.   So I offered him $2.00 is he let me take photos of him.   He agreed and I think the $2.00 was well worth the images I captured of this gentlemen.  

Afterwards, he admitted he was going to buy beer with the money.   Oh well.  I got the images and he got the $2.00 to do whatever he wanted to do with it.  I think I might be on to something.  My thinking cap is on to capture some great image of folks that claims to be homeless and those that are homeless.  Also have a conversation with him/her to find out about their story, background and how they got to this point in their life.  What if I captured and printed the images and presented them to that person.   What are you thoughts?

Image's are attached.   Until next time, "Stay Focused & Keep Shooting"



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