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June 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I decided to go spent a little time downtown Raleigh to capture some images for my Street Photography gallery.   Well, I'll just say there's some very interesting people hanging out on Fayetteville Street mall.  Some chilling, some wondering around and some do not hesitate to approach you and ask for a few dollars using the same phrase "Can you let me have a couple of dollars because I haven't eaten all day".   I give up a couple of dollars and get some images for my gallery.   I was fortune enough to capture image a guy playing his piano, another playing an accordion and more just out entertaining themselves like the five guys I meet in the photo below which one brother called them the Jersey Crew.   One of the gentlemen was big Dallas Cowboys fan so we have some fun talking about the team and I got the images I wanted.   I also met a gentlemen that called himself Red.  Red rode a bicycle with the clothes wrapped about the handlebars and plastic bags covering the seat.  He said the bag was protecting his seat from the rain because it had cracks in it.  Red had a couple of guys chilling with him too.  One guy called himself T, but his friend called him Teardrop.  I think this name was giving to him because of the tattoo near his right eye. I gave out a number of my business cards in hope of just making some contacts or maybe they will leave the card laying around and hopefully another person will find it and reach out to me.   Oh, did I mentioned I had a small Crack Coffee at Raleigh Raw Bar.  Man, I love this spot and the coffee is the bomb.  Well enjoy the photos below and keeping visiting to find out where my Nikon in Hand take me on the next journey.  Until next time, "Stay Focused on What Matters Most and Keep Shooting".


Downtown Raleigh Jersey Crew-3Downtown Raleigh Jersey Crew-3


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